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Information Centre of the Publishing House "Finance and Credit"

In 2010 an Information Centre of the Publishing House "Finance and Credit" was opened at the University of Management "TISBI". It gave masters, post-graduate and post-doctorate students of the University the possibility to have their copyright materials such as articles, reviews, critical research works published in the following magazines:


  • Finance and Credit";
  • "Economic Analysis: theory and practice";
  • "Regional Economy: theory and practice";
  • "National interests: priorities and security";
  • "Financial Analytics: problems and challenges";
  • "International Accounting";
  • «Everything for an accountant»;
  • "An Accountant and Law";
  • "Accounting in budget and non-profit making organizations";
  • "Accounting in publishing and printing houses";
  • "Digest-finances".


The fact that TISBI has its own publishing center gives a lot of possibilities for printing research works of the lecturers: "TISBI Vestnik" (once in three months), "Research papers of young scientists of the University of management "TISBI" (annual), as well as "Kazan journal of International Law".


The University of Management "TISBI" is open to co-operation and dialogue.


Deputy Vice-Rector for research – Sofia Mirgalimovna Syurkova, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor


e-mail: YMitrohina@tisbi.ru


tel: (843) 238-68-69



Университет управления «ТИСБИ» Адрес: ул.Муштари, 13 (или ул.Маяковского, 22), Казань, Республика Татарстан. Телефон: (843) 236-92-97, (843) 299-51-07. .