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Vice-rector for R&D – Varvara Yurievna Kulkova, Doctor and economic sciences, Professor


The R&D Department's activity at the University of Management "TISBI" is fulfilled in close cooperation with the Academy of Science of the Russian Federation, the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tatarstan directly with such city and Republic scientific centers as the Institute of Social, Economic and Law sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Republic scientific and methodological center of professional education of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan Federal University and other scientific and educational institutions of the RF and the RT.


The program of fundamental scientific development at the University of Management "TISBI" is carried out in 52 spheres taking into account the regional aspect of education and is aimed at meeting personnel, managerial, financial and law needs of the republic as well as the need in specialists in the field of data programming, environment and energy-saving technologies.


Based on the strategy of University's development the purposes of scientific research for the nearest perspective are as follows:


  • Development of scientific research as the basis for fundamentalization of education and principles for a present-day specialist training;
  • Wide implementation of new educational technologies and informational know-how;
  • Updating of scientific and methodological maintenance of academic process;
  • Improvement of the quality of training and upgrade skills of teaching staff;
  • Maintaining conditions for support and realization of innovative projects;
  • Providing conditions for training and re-training specialists in the sphere of innovative activity and scientific entrepreneurship, commercialization of the results of scientific research.

Within the frames of the above mentioned trend problem-solving researches are carried out at the University of Management "TISBI":


  • Business - authorities - social medium: effectiveness of interaction (Economic Faculty)
  • Regional aspects of economy development (Faculty of Management)
  • Organizational and legal maintenance of economic and judicial reforms in the RF and the RT (Law Faculty);
  • Social, cultural and psychological factors in the sphere of business activity (Humanities Faculty);
  • Strategy of taxation policy and its applicability in a civilized society: Tax Law, Technique, Tax Control (Taxation Faculty)


At the University of Management "TISBI" there are five schools of research:


  1. "Theory and Teaching Technique in professional education" (Prof. Nella M. Pruss, academician of the Russian Academy of Humanitarian Sciences, rector of the University "TISBI";
  2. "Regional aspects of Russia's economy development" (Prof. Nailya G. Bagautdinova);
  3. "International Law. European Law" (Dos. Alexander B. Mizyaev);
  4. "Innovative relations in economic system in the process of interaction of business, authorities and social medium" (Prof. Michael P. Postalyuk);
  5. "Institutional factors of entrepreneurship development in the region" (Prof. Farid F. Khamidullin )

Teaching staff capacity of the University comprises 38 Doctors of Science, 113 Candidates of Science. Among them there are experts, occupied in state and municipal management and law enforcement bodies, public prosecution and public defender's offices, as well as in Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatars tan, State Taxation Office, Customs, city district and republican administration.


The studies of know-how in training and re-training of specialists in market economy conditions is carried out at the University of Management "TISBI" within the framework of International UNESCO Chair activity. Important part of activity is devoted to the work of students and their involvement in scientific events and investigative research. There are 25 research societies and clubs are functioning under the supervision of "The Students' Scientific Society" in all the specializations of the University. Especially popular are such workshops as "The twenty first century banker", "School of Traders", "Computer based role-plays", "International Law and International Relations", "African studies" , English Language club "Columbia" and others.

Университет управления «ТИСБИ» Адрес: ул.Муштари, 13 (или ул.Маяковского, 22), Казань, Республика Татарстан. Телефон: (843) 236-92-97, (843) 299-51-07. .