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The delegation of the embassy of the Republic of South Africa to Russia visited the University of Management "TISBI"

The meeting of representatives of the Republic of South Africa: Mr. T. Dalamba, the Political Adviser to the Department of the Embassy and Mr. T. Nehudzhiga, the First Secretary of the Political Department with Lyudmila Nugumanova, the Rector of the University of Management "TISBI" and Professor Alexander Mezyaev, the Head of the Constitutional and International Law Chair at the University of Management "TISBI", Honorary Consul of Namibia in Kazan under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Tatarstan, took place in the conference hall.

"We are very glad to see you at our University. You are visiting one of the top 10 private Universities in Russia", - noted Lyudmila Nugumanova in her welcoming speech.


Rector said that the University of Management "TISBI" pays special attention to inclusive education. Students with disabilities are taught free of charge or on preferential terms.


She also added that student take an active part in creative work of the University.


Professor Alexander B. Mezyaev, the Head of the Constitutional and International Law, described in detail the areas of training students. He said that the University of Management "TISBI" is interested in contacts with South African students. "We have prepared a draft Memorandum of Cooperation, and if you find it possible to sign it during your next visit, we would appreciate it very much" - said the Professor.


"We are impressed with your university, with those premises that you have and the opportunities that you provide. Most universities do not pay enough attention to people with disabilities, but your University is completely different"- said Tando Dalamba, the Adviser to the Political Department of the Embassy.


Tando Dalamba said that the faculties that are in university were a welcome surprise for him. Especially those sectors that the Professor had spoken of, for example, training on international medical law.

"The purpose of our visit to Tatarstan - to develop relations between Tatarstan and South Africa in such areas as business and tourism. In July, our Ambassador is planning to visit Kazan. Therefore, we will try to include your University into the schedule of his visit, "- promised the Adviser.

At the end of the meeting, Lyudmila Nugumanova invited representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa and Ambassador Ms. Nomasonto Maria Sibanda Tusi to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the University of Management "TISBI", which will take place on 6 July.

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