The questions of inclusion were discussed at the extended session of the Expert Council of the State Duma Education Committee

On February 15 at the International Congress of experts in inclusive education, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of training people with disabilities at the University of Management «TISBI», an extended meeting of the Expert Council on special and inclusive education of the State Duma Education Committee with the participation of the State Council of the Republic Tatarstan and the Committee on current issues of the Congress of local and regional authorities in Europe was held at TISBI.

The moderators of the meeting were: Oleg Smolin, the State Duma deputy, the Deputy Chairman of the Education Committee, Nikolai Malofeev, Academician of Russian Academy for Education, Acting Director, Boris Bielawsky, the Deputy Head of pre-school, primary and Special Education Center at the Federal Institute for Education Development.

Daria Romanenkova, the Director of Educational and Scientific Center of inclusive education at Chelyabinsk State University in her report drew attention to the legal framework of inclusive professional education in the Russian Federation and shared experience of the implementation of customized educational programs. "Firstly of all, it is important to implement adaptive software environment, which improves access to high quality of education, as well as the development of educational organization itself”. Daria Romanenkova also presented a list of adaptation disciplines aimed at socialization, promotion of healthy lifestyles and the development of information technologies.

Svetlana Alekhina, the Vice-Rector on inclusive education at Moscow State Psychology University spoke on professional interaction as a principle of inclusion efficiency in education. “Today we are at a stage where inclusion has become a problem of experts in this field. And we try to make the practice of inclusion a professional one through a change of culture in society. The teacher must be a member of the forum”.

Master classes and lectures by leading scientists and experts from Russia and abroad, an open meeting of the international UNESCO Chair, open workshops in inclusive education by specialist of Russian and leading universities from Europe and America will be held during the Congress.

Press-service of "TISBI" Management University

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