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Education for sustainable development: what kind of future is awaiting our children?

On September 17–18 at the University of Management «TISBI» seminars with the participation of a member of the expert network «Education for sustainable development», Professor of the Karlsruhe Institute of the Department of Education and Culture (Germany) Thomas Hoffmann were held.


On the first day Thomas Hoffmann spoke with the participants of the workshop on the topic: «Education for sustainable development — the concept and discussion». In his speech the lecturer analyzed the specific features of techniques used in education for sustainable development, answered the question about why this educational system is so important and what goals it pursues.

Talking about education for sustainable development, Thomas Hoffmann identified core competencies, such as systems thinking, predictive thinking, and ethical behavior, strategic and interpersonal competence.


Hoffmann considered all the core competencies on the example of geography lessons. He told that students should learn to present the desired future climate, which would have contributed to the overall process of transformation.

The lecture given by Thomas Hoffman on the second day was dedicated to global challenges, and education, to competencies and education for sustainable development. The working language of the meeting was English. Debates on this issue caused great interest among the audiences who were active to ask questions and find out in English some more details about the problem under discussion.


At the end of the seminar all participants were given certificates.


Thomas Hoffman visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site — the Kazan Kremlin, Raifa Monastery, Macarius Monastery and other places of interest in Kazan.


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