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The questions of inclusion of questions have been discussed at the plenary session of the National Forum

Today, February 27, a plenary session of All-Russian Forum “Learning to live together: an open space for inclusion”, functioning in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of UNESCO, took place at the University of Management “TISBI”.  More than 300 scientists, educators, speech therapists, psychologists, representatives of public organizations, people with disabilities from 24 regions of the Russian Federation discussed cutting-edge technology in inclusive education, shared their experiences of inclusive teaching and adaptation features of children with special needs in a normal school.

For more than 17 years “TISBI” has been training students with learning disabilities, it has extensive experience in this area. Leila Fazleeva, an assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan on Social Affairs, on behalf of the President welcomed all the participants, noting that Tatarstan is a Republic of kindness, peace, harmony, the edge of caring people who are given to good deeds. Nicholai Malofeev, the Academician at the Russian Academy of Sciences, added, saying: “Today Kazan is the absolute capital of inclusive education”.

Benjamin Kaganov, the Deputy Minister of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, sent a video message, in which he stressed the complexity of putting into practice the main principle of inclusive training - education for all: “We need new methods, equipment, higher level of teachers, and of course, the removal of barriers: not only in infrastructure, but also the formation of calm attitude of the society towards co-education of children who are so different from each other”. Benjamin Kaganov called “TISBI” one of the leaders in Russia in the sphere of inclusive education among the 33 organizations that are developing this direction.

The participants of the Forum noted the importance of the adoption of two federal state educational standards for students with physical and intellectual disabilities. These documents will determine the level of activities of special schools for the disabled and inclusive education.
The executive secretary of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO Grigory Ordzhonikidze in his presentation said: “I am sure that the work on the successful implementation of inclusive education will be continued with the participation of the University of Management “TISBI”. Here the District Training Center on Training students with Disabilities of the Volga Federal District successfully operates. It is important to emphasize that the University for several years has been implementing a program for deaf students. And it involves not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also the inclusion of these students into cultural and social life of the University.

For sharing foreign experience the word was given to Virginia Simmons, PhD in Philosophy at Kent State University (USA). She recollected her impressions on first getting in touch with inclusion in Russia: “When I first came to Russia, I was looking for educational institutions that teach children with disabilities. I was surprised that there were no so many such schools. And I was then told that Kazan is something extraordinary. At the University of Management “TISBI” we saw how they teach students with disabilities. I realized that this is the diamond, and its name is “TISBI”!

At the plenary session presentations were also given by Boris Bielawski, the Expert Councilor for special and inclusive education of the State Duma, Anatoly Fomin, Chairman of the Public Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Nadezhda Kolesnikova, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Samara region, Sergei Osipov, First Deputy Health Minister, Myakzyum Salakhov, President of the Academy of Sciences, Artem Prokofiev, a member of the Committee of the State Council of RT on Education, Culture, Science and national issues, Lyudmila Andreeva, Deputy Head of the municipality of Kazan and honoured guests.

The Forum had been launched on 26 February, it started with breakout sessions, workshops, round table discussions and master classes, and it will be finished with a gala concert of the 2nd  Republican festival of students with disabilities.


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