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The All-Russian Forum on the promotion of ideas of inclusive education within the framework of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO will take place in Kazan

On February, 26-28 the All-Russian forum "Study and live together: open-space for inclusion" will take place in Kazan. An event is timed to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO. The Commission of the Russian Federation on UNESCO, Department of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Federal Institute for the Development of Education, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Department of education and science of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Ministry of Labour,  Employment and Social Protection came forward with the initiative to organize such a forum.

 The forum is aimed at systematizing scientific research and putting into practice Russian experience in inclusive education, providing conditions for application and transmission of inclusive practices in education, involving greater number of representatives of pedagogical association and wide layers of public from different regions into the process of decision making on the development of inclusive education in Russia.

Basic goals of the forum:

  •     pedagogical technologies in inclusive education;
  •     experience of the implementation of principles of inclusion in an educational process;
  •     modern models of inclusive education in an educational institution;
  •     training of specialists on inclusive education;
  •     social partnership as support and promotion of ideas of inclusive education;
  •     special schools as resource centers in an inclusive educational process;
  •     the legal framework of inclusion in the Russian Federation;
  •     employment of specialists with disabilities.

This is not by accident that the forum is held at the University of Management “ТИСБИ”. For more than 17 years the University has been working on the problem, possesses large experience in this area. The University of Management “ТИСБИ” is the only institution in the world of higher school education, in which several UNESCO structures are functioning simultaneously: UNESCO Associated School, International Department of UNESCO, UNESCO – UNIVOK Center on Trade Education, National Coordinating Center of “UNESCO Associated schools” project in the Russian Federation.


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