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Inclusive education – from theory to practice


On May 16, the second day of the International scientific-practical conference “Learning and  living together”, 14 workshops, round tables, discussions and 5 breakout sessions were held at he University of Management “TISBI”. In the framework of inclusive education events were viewed not only from a theoretical point of view, but also by giving practical examples. Such problems as:

- IT- technology in inclusive education;

- human Rights in regard to people with disabilities in Russia and Europe;

- acute problems of training and retraining for an inclusive education system;

 - modern strategies of professional education for the disabled;

- general and pre-school education in the inclusive approach conditions: practice, technologies , models were discussed.


“Only because I was trained in a regular school, I was able to integrate into society and I am now in a very active lifestyle” - shared her experiences the leader of the movement of people with disabilities and an advocate for human rights in Bulgaria Kapka Panaiotova, who 55 years ago  became disabled after poliomyelitis.



Michael Russell from the Department of Medical and Social Care College of Social Sciences, the University of Lincoln emphasized the fact that “the concept of disability depends on the environment and culture of the society; it's just a factor of diversity among people."

Maria Perfilieva,
the Program Manager for inclusive education, stressed the need to create an accessible environment: “There is no need to create something special for people with disabilities. The only thing they really need is an accessible environment that will ensure them all an easy access to everything.


Dhruv Patel, the President of the «Nisai Group» company, shared experience in a distance learning system for students with disabilities. With the latest IT-technology students attend lectures and communicate with their teachers.


The collection of conference reports was published. The participants of the conference adopted the Resolution.




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