This plaque is a physical UNEVOC display caption and is hung at the premises of the University of Management “TISBI”, indicating the UNEVOC Network membership. The long-awaited parcel was sent from the headquarters in Bonn with a set  of documents and video materials.






UNEVOC Centre on the basis of

Institute of Higher Education “University of Management “TISBI”

Kazan, Russia


UNEVOC Centre operates on the basis of the Institute of Higher Education “University of Management “TISBI” since 2013.

The opening of the UNEVOC Centre in the Republic of Tatarstan at the University of Management “TISBI” was declared at the UNESCO International Conference entitled “Improving the Mechanisms of Cooperation between UNESCO ASPnet, UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs and UNEVOC Centres for Sustainable Development”. A letter confirming the UNEVOC Network membership was received on September 12, 2013, signed by the head of the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Office, Shamal Mazhumdar.

Joining the UNEVOC network gives the University an opportunity to disseminate and promote the best practices and knowledge received through successful cooperation with UNESCO within the main projects. The interaction occurs at three levels of educational system: primary and secondary (UNESCO Associated Schools Network), secondary vocational (UNESCO-UNEVOC Centres for Vocational Education) and higher education (UNESCO Chairs). The new structure also humanizes the secondary vocational education programs in the Republic of Tatarstan in accordance with the priorities and mission of UNESCO.

For the record:

The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre acts as a key component of UNESCO’s international programme on technical and vocational education and training. It also works to support UNESCO’s mandate for Education for All and Education for Sustainable Development.

The International Centre achieves this through taking action to strengthen and upgrade the worldwide UNEVOC Network (Flagship Programme), with particular reference to:

  • Stimulating international and regional cooperation concerning human resource development
  • Promoting UNESCO normative instruments and standards
  • Promoting good and innovative practices in TVET
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Mobilizing expertise and resources
  • Strengthening partnerships with other relevant agencies

The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre is one of eight UNESCO institutes and centres in the field of education. UNESCO is the United Nations’ specialized agency for education, science, and culture. UNESCO's education sector works to improve education worldwide at all levels of education through technical advice, standard setting, innovative projects, capacity-building and networking.

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About Us


The University of Management “TISBI” is the only University, where three UNESCO institutes are operating successfully: the UNESCO International Chair, the UNESCO Associated School (the Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education) and the UNEVOC Centre for Vocational Education.


The National Coordinator of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network in the Russian Federation is the president of the University of Management “TISBI” Prof. Nella Pruss.


The UNESCO International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (UNESCO-UNEVOC) was established in September 2000 in Bonn, Germany, in accordance with the host country agreement signed earlier that year by UNESCO and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The official opening ceremony took place on April 8, 2002.


The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre aims to assisting UNESCO Member States, currently numbering 193, in strengthening and improving their technical and vocational education and training, as well as providing greater access to programs aimed at improving skills in order to implement the Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UNESCO standards relating to technical and vocational education and training.
The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre operates through the UNEVOC global network consisting of 282 centres in 167 countries.


The UNEVOC Centre is the basis for productive joint actions with UNESCO headquarters, centres and institutes of the Organization and its regional offices, and it works closely with various international and national institutions in the field of technical and vocational education and training.


The University of Management “TISBI” has opened the first educational centre of UNEVOC in Tatarstan and the second in Russia, which pays great attention to vocational and technical education.


Objectives of the UNEVOC Centre


The UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre at the University of Management “TISBI” aims to:
• implementation of mentoring as a mechanism for socio- professional adaptation of graduates to the corporate environment;
• consolidation of resources of educational institutions and enterprises in training qualified personnel;
• broadcasting of experience and practices of the best educational institutions of secondary technical and vocational education and teachers that introduce innovative educational programs in vocational education;
• project activities of students and teachers within the UNESCO-UNEVOC.


Our partners:


1. State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution “Kazan College of Utilities and Construction”

2. State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution “Bugulma Agricultural College”

3. State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution “Kazan Pedagogical College”

4. State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution “Kazan Technical College of Information Technologies and Communications”

5. State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution “Arsk Agroindustrial Professional College”

6. Federal State Educational Institution of Secondary Vocational Education “Kazan College of Technology and Design”

7. State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution “College of Small Business and Entrepreneurship”

8. State Budget Professional Educational Institution “Professional School No. 63 for children with disabilities”

9. Federal State-Funded Educational Institution “Raifa special educational institution for students with deviant (socially dangerous) behavior of a closed type”

10. Tatar republican public organization of disabled people"All-Russian Society of the Deaf“

11. The District Training and Methodological Center for the Education of Disabled People in the Volga Federal District of the University of Management “TISBI”

12. State Budgetary Institution “Centre for Economic and Social Research under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan”

13. Limited liability company “SVEGA-computer”, St.Peterburg

14. Limited liability company “Agromaster”, Kazan



13 Mushtari st.

Kazan 420012

Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

tel .: +7 843 294 83 38

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Representative of the UNEVOC Center «TISBI» made a presentation at the UNESCO International Forum

Elena Aleksandrova's speech took place in the framework of the International Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Kazan

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On July 15, UNESCO-UNEVOC celebrated the UN Day for Youth Skills (World Youth Skills Day - WYSD)

As part of the celebration, the contest for amateurs and professional photographers was held, to show how to use technical and professional skills «in action».

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