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Development of international cooperation is one of the priorities in the University’s activity. The international cooperation in the field of education and research activity is carried out according to the current legislation and on the basis of the Charter of the University of Management "TISBI".


Being a progressive and innovative educational institution, the University of Management "TISBI" actually began to develop international contacts exactly from the very beginning of its foundation, which distinguished it from other non-state higher educational establishments in Kazan. The University was initially (in 1992) founded as the Academy for Promotion of Business "Tatarstan - Bavaria". The concept of this kind of activity was internationalization of TISBI (the Tatarstan institute for  promotion of business) as its basic point actualized by engaging foreign professors and lecturers in educational process, exchange of lecturers, students and trainees, taking advantage of their  professional practice.


In the context of Russia being introduced into the Bologna process and beginning of active integration of higher education of the country in European space of university education the strategy of international cooperation of the University has undergone essential changes. If on the initial stage this work was more of extensive character and passed at the expense of escalating the number of foreign partners and diversification of the forms of communication, which means that it was to a greater extent representative, in new conditions it was necessary to intensify this process and to concentrate on those higher education tasks which are essential for young people. The development of various forms of international cooperation now is regarded at university as one of conditions determining prospects of development of higher education.


Basic forms of international cooperation at the University at the moment are interaction, establishment and maintenance of direct contacts with foreign educational establishments, scientific and international organizations on improvement of higher education system in conditions of global social and economic transformation going on in the world, realization of joint scientific research, international conferences and seminars, participation in the joint projects, international educational and scientific programs, increase in academic mobility of both students and lecturers for over-sea courses and training courses for foreign students from CIS countries and outside the Commonwealth of Independent States.



In accordance with the new strategy the purpose of the international cooperation of the University of Management "TISBI" is defined as follows:


  • integration into international (first of all, European) academic community as an important and effective factor of perfection of educational process, improvement of professional skills of lecturers and quality of professional training,
  • promotion of scientific cooperation with foreign colleagues representing top-ranked universities and research centres of the world,
  • increasing access to information resources and attraction of additional sources of financing.

In this connection basic tasks of international activity are:


  • maintenance of participation of the University in international programs on reform of University and post-University vocational education of EU (Bologna declaration) and other international activities directed on the development of integration processes in science and education;
  • participation in major international educational programs and projects directed on a stage-by-stage introduction of two levels of the system of training, systems and mechanisms of maintenance of quality of experts qualifications, development of mobility of students and lecturers;
  • expansion of scales and directions of scientific research which are carried out within the international programs and grants, and as well as participation of the University lecturers and students in joint scientific projects with foreign high schools, conferences, seminars, publications of scientific works in the international editions;
  • establishment direct partner relationships with foreign universities, foundations and organizations for maintenance of academic exchange programs;
  • invitation of foreign experts and professors for delivering  open lectures and teaching at the University of Management "TISBI".




There are all conditions for realization of joint educational projects with the institutes - partners in Europe, the USA and the CIS countries created at the University of Management "TISBI". This activity is carried out on the basis of contracts and agreements on cooperation with foreign universities. For the last three years the University has entered into more than 18 new cooperation agreements with such educational centers, as the Fairmont State University (Fairmont, West Virginia, USA), the World Leisure International Centre of Excellence (WICE-SL) (Wageningen, the Netherlands), the Chang Chun University (China), the German University of Management (DMAN) (Celle, Germany), ICHEC Brussels Management School (Belgium), the Gazi University (Ankara, Turkey), the Maltepe University (Istanbul, Turkey), the West Donbass Institute of Economy and Management (Pavlograd, Ukraine), the Interactive Design Institute "IDI" (Scotland, UK), U.S. ORT Operations Inc. (New York, USA), the State University of Science and Technologies of Mongolia (Ulan Bator, Mongolia), the National University of Mongolia (Ulan Bator, Mongolia), the Kazakhstan University of Humanities and Law (Astana, Kazakhstan), the Bishkek University of Humanities named after K.Karasaev and the Institute of Continuous Education (the Kyrgyz Republic), Russian Boarding School Malta ( Budzhibba, Malta),East Siberia State University of Technology and Management (Ulan-Ude), International Sakharov Environmental University (Minsk, Belarus), Mateja Bela University (Banska Bystrica, Slovakia), Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (Chisinau, Moldova), New Bulgarian University (Sofia).    


With the purposes of realization of interdepartmental agreements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Department of International Relations of Tatarstan Republic at the President of the Republic Tatarstan with the ministries and establishments of other countries, the University regularly holds meetings with delegations and representatives of foreign universities. In 2010-2013 the administration of the University held negotiations with the Chang Chun University (China), the Gazi University (Ankara, the Republic of Turkey), the Maltepe University (Istanbul, the Republic of Turkey), the Business & Hotel Management School (B.H.M.S.) (Lucerne City, Switzerland), the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), the Open University of Israel, International organization “TURKSOY” (Ankara, the Republic of Turkey), Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen, Netherlands), Language School “Julia-Centre” (Toronto, Canada), Language Centre “TOMER” (Ankara, the Republic of Turkey), firm Exlibris (Hamburg, Germany), Felda (Malaysia) and TECOM Investments (United Arab Emirates), participants of the USA program “Open World”, Investment Company Amanah Capital Group Limited (United Arab Emirates), Russian Community of Friends of the Jewish University in Jerusalem, Russian Boarding School Malta, Touristic Firm Eray Tour Ltd. (Antalya, the Republic of Turkey), British Company ELITe (Great Britain),International coordinator of the project UNESCO Associated schools (Paris, France), Ministry of International Affairs and Embassy of Netherlands, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic in Russia, Centre of strategic researches in Russia and Baltic countries at the Bakhcheshekhir University (Stambul, the Republic of Turkey), International Ankara Film Festival, Eurasia University at the Istanbul University and Ministry of culture and tourism of the Republic of Turkey.       



Within the framework of international scientific cooperation the University of Management "TISBI" carries out an active exchange of experience and results of scientific work at international forums, scientific and practical conferences, "round tables" in all partner educational institutions abroad.
The University of Management "TISBI" actively participates in international educational programs and projects on the basis of grants of various foreign funds and organizations. In 2010 - 2013 the University took part in several large international projects, some of which are now in developmental stage.

Academic mobility


Foreign partnership organizations of the University of Management "TISBI"


Besides the above mentioned  interaction with other foreign educational establishments, joint work on the improvement of professional training in various fields of knowledge is being carried out.


Cooperation with education and cultural establishments in the Republic of Turkey


Cooperation with the Chang Chun University (China)


Thus, the University of Management "TISBI" purposefully develops international scientific, cultural and educational cooperation with various countries. Its cooperation activities are aimed at  increasing the efficiency of business partnership on the established directions in  international sphere, as well as at further expansion of cooperation with foreign centres in the field of training under various educational programs, and in realization of international scientific projects.





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