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The idea of teaching staff involvement in UNESCO activities was put into practice in 1953 as a part of "UNESCO Associated Schools" project. Institutions that constitute the system have set themselves a task of educating the youth in traditions of tolerance and understanding of international issues through educational techniques aimed at active participation of students. At the initial stage 33 schools from 15 states joined the project, which now includes about 7,500 educational institutions in more than 170 countries, the number of schools - project participants is constantly growing.

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UNESCO Associated School Network

National Coordinator in the Russian

Federation, “TISBI” Rector

Nella Pruss, Ph.D.

UNESCO Associated Schools Project 

Executive Dirеctor in the Russian Federation

Natalia Larionova



Russian schools celebrate peace on the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network 60th anniversary

The UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet), commonly referred to as UNESCO Associated Schools, is a global network of more than 9700 educational institutions in 180 countries.


This year it celebrates its 60th anniversary.


Russian ASPnet schools join the worldwide festival as students and teachers all over Russia celebrate the Network’s collective accomplishments and UNESCO ideals like multicultural learning, world peace and human rights.


Moreover, September, 21st is known as the International Day of Peace so special celebrations and activities took place all across Russia on that day.


In September one of the ASPnet schools, which is located in a small town called Pushkino, put on a concert to celebrate the anniversary. The students competed in choir singing and poetry reading. The winners shared a big cake with an ASPnet logo on it which had been prepared by the students’ parents.


School no 12 of Bratsk held a presentation called “UNESCO Associated Schools. The Road to the School of Tomorrow”. 26 representatives from 18 schools of Bratsk participated and learned about ASPnet schools and the ways to join the Network.


In the city of Krasnodar the celebration was held in the Inter-School Aesthetic Centre where the children performed for ASPnet students as well as teachers and the city authorities.


The students of school no. 64 from the Ufa Region went on a trip to visit the UNESCO heritage sites which helped them to better understand the importance of intercultural education.


The project entitled “My sails are for the ship of tolerance” took place in Moscow in September. The main purpose of the project was to spread the ideas or world peace, tolerance and mutual respect for all people and nations. It was a success as over 70 students from 3 countries attended the event.


The students of school 1572 of Moscow organized their own Olympic games. Each class represented a certain country and prepared for the event for a month by learning about the culture, political structure and geographical position of the chosen country. The young athletes even learned the national anthems of the countries and made flags and uniforms with their own hands.


Saratov’s Lyceum of Natural Science made a big Bonfire of Peace which started a new tradition. Every year on September, 21st, the students will be singing of peace and love in the warm glow of the Bonfire.


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