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 Dean of the Faculty: Elvira Arslanovna Gatina, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.


Departments of the Faculty:

1.    Management Department
2.    Personnel Management Department
3.    Information Management Department

The main objective of the Management Faculty is to train highly qualified specialists for enterprises and organizations of all spheres of property and different spheres of Russia and Tatarstan economy.

The Faculty trains students in the following education fields:


080200.62 Management (bachelor's)

(4 years)



  • Marketing
  • Organization Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chains
  • Small business Management



080500.68 Management (master's)

(2 years)


General and Strategic Management
Graduates can work in: in enterprises and organizations of various patterns of ownership: state, municipal, non-state (joint-stock or private). Demand for them is especially high in enterprises in need of reorganization; in consulting, design firms, taxation, social, banking systems (in any region of Tatarstan, Russia).

Graduates can occupy positions of:
•    managers/directors in various economics, taxation, financial institutions,
•    anti-crisis managers (of any level),
•    experts in the sphere of reconstruction, arbitration management, real estate assessment, auction activities, management, law,
•    market analysts,
•    economists,
•    experts in business engineering
•    lecturers,
•    research assistants.


080506.62 IT in Business (bachelor's)

(4 years)


080506.68 IT in Business (master's)

(2 years)

Core subjects: information management; business systems architecture and engineering; complex system modeling tools; data base and knowledge base; information system and organization; systems integration and computer information systems applications management; modern technologies of analysis and development of information systems; information management legal issues; information protection and information security; information goods and services market; information business and information systems economics; projects management in the sphere of information systems; consulting and audit in the sphere of information systems.

Graduates can work in: information goods and services market, specialized companies (management information support, information security), in banks (system analysts), in organizations of various patterns of ownership (state, municipal, non-state). Demand for them is especially high in enterprises where it's necessary to create and (or) service data ware systems (90 % of all the companies).

Graduates can occupy positions of: managers/directors in IT business; in in-house corporate information systems management; in the sphere of information security; experts of software products and information technologies; information business economics; computer information systems development; in consulting and audit of information systems.



221400.62 Quality Management (bachelor's)

(4 years)

Graduates can work in: in personnel management offices of state and municipal authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations of various patterns of ownership, in industry and commerce, human services, labor exchange, banking and insurance spheres, career centers.

Graduates can occupy positions in: professional economic, scientific and technical, design and planning, analytical, research organizations.

12 members of the Departments defended PhD dissertations in economic sciences.
At present the Faculty graduates work in various economic institutions, occupy leading positions at different levels, carry high the exclusive rank of "TISBI" University graduate.


080400.68. Personnel Management (master's)

  • Strategic Management of Organizations’ Personnel.
Университет управления «ТИСБИ» Адрес: ул.Муштари, 13 (или ул.Маяковского, 22), Казань, Республика Татарстан. Телефон: (843) 236-92-97, (843) 299-51-07. .