Head of the Faculty - Dilyara R. Bilalova, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor

Faculty Departments:


  • Department of Constitutional Law
  • Department of International Law
  • Department of Entrepreneurship Law
  • Department of Civil Law
  • Department of Civil Law and Public Prosecutions
  • Department of Theory and History of State and Law

The faculty was founded in 1992. On June 22, 1997 it received a state accreditation (full time and extramural forms of education No 25-0010) and trains qualified lawyers in Law 021100.




НОУ ВПО "Университет управления "ТИСБИ" является членом Ассоциации юридических вузов РФ.

Duration of training:

Full-time study – 5 years – specialist, part-time study – 6 years, on the basis of higher education – 3 years, bachelor’s degree – 4 years, master’s degree – 2 years, postgraduate full-time study – 3 years, postgraduate part-time study – 4 years.

Vice Dean of the Full-time Department is Alfiya Khairullina
Vice Dean of the Extramural Department of the Faculty is Svetlana Tsygulyova.
Due to the educational orientation of the University, along with law, students acquire good knowledge in Economics as well.




Университет управления «ТИСБИ» Адрес: ул.Муштари, 13 (или ул.Маяковского, 22), Казань, Республика Татарстан. Телефон: (843) 236-92-97, (843) 299-51-07. .