The Head - Sergey Nikolaevich Druzhkov, Vice Rector, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor.

The Division of Correspondence Studies, launched at TISBI in 1993, has become a leader in the field of Economics, Management and Law among non-state higher education institutions in the Great Volga Region. Since 1994 it has been headed by Dr. G.N. Surzhko.


230100.62 Informatics and Computer Engineering (bachelor’s)
230700.62. Applied Informatics (bachelor’s)
030500.62. Law (bachelor’s)
030500.68. Law (master’s)
100100.62. Service (bachelor’s)
100200.62. Tourism (bachelor’s)
080100.62. Economics (bachelor’s)
080100.68. Economics (master’s)
080500.62. Management (bachelor’s)
080500.68. Management (master’s)
050400.62. Psychological and Pedagogical Education (bachelor’s)
101100.62. Hotel Management (bachelor’s)
221400.62. Quality Management (bachelor’s)
080500.62. Business-Informatics (bachelor’s)
080500.68. Business-Informatics (master’s)
040700.62. Organization work with Youth (bachelor’s)
080300.68. Finance and Crediting (master’s)
080101.65.Economic Security (specialist)
081100.62 State and Municipal Government (bachelor’s)
080100.62.Personnel Management (bachelor’s)
080100.62. Personnel Management (master’s)

Correspondence studies department continues training of 3-5 years students:


  • 030501.65 Law (specialist),
  • 080105.65 Finance and Crediting (specialist),
  • 080109.65 Accounting and Auditing (specialist),
  • 080507.65 Organization’s Management (specialist).

The Department of Economics offers the following programmes:


Bachelor’s degree

  • Finance and Crediting
  • Economy of Enterprises and Organizations
  • Taxation
  • Accounting and Auditing

Master’s degree

  • Firm and Industrial Markets’ Economy


The Department of Law offers the Following programmes:


Bachelor’s degree

  • Criminal and Law
  • Criminal and La and International and Law  


Master’s degree

  • International Public Law, European Law.


Upon completion of a programme at the Correspondence Department at TISBI, graduates are awarded a state-standard diploma. This means that students are to study and duly pass exams in the disciplines according to the state-standard curriculum. Besides, students take additional courses, e.g. Law students take Customs Law, Legislation for the Securities Market, Economic and Legal Aspects of Business, as well as Legal Statistics, Legal Aspects of Management and Marketing, and Software Applications. Economics students study Theory of State and Law, Civil Law, Labor Law, Financial Law, International Law and other disciplines beyond the core curriculum.

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