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Economics Faculty
Economic Theory Chair;
Financial Managment Chair;
Securities and Financial Engineering Chair;
Economics Chair;
Chair of Finance;
Chair of Banking


Management Faculty

Management Chair;
Personnel Management Chair;
          Informational Managment Chair


Information Technologies Faculty

Mathematics Chair;
Information Technologies Chair


Taxation Faculty

Taxes and Taxation Chair;
Accounting and Auditing Chair


Law Faculty

Constitutional and International Law Chair;
Criminal Law Chair;
Criminal Procedure Chair;
Theory and History of Law Chair;
Civil Law Chair;
          Business Law Chair


Humanities Faculty

Philosophy Chair;
PE Chair;
Humanitarian Sciences Chair;
Pedagogics Chair;
International Relations Chair;
Philology Chair;
Social and Cultural Service and Tourism Chair


Extramural Studies Division


Faculty of Distance learning


Institute of Continuous Education


Faculty of Pre-higher education


Faculty of secondary professional education



International UNESCO Chair


Post-graduate Studies Department


Department of Post-Diploma Education


Dissertation Council


R&D (Research office)


IT Centre



Curriculum & Instruction Department


Publishing Centre


Socio-Psychological Centre




Administrative Department


Students’ Club


First Aid post


Sign language interpretation Centre


Law Clinic