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The University of Management “TISBI”


The license of the Russian Federation ААА № 001867, registry number 1788 dated 14.07.2011,


State Registration Certificate of the Russian Federation 001159, registry number 1147 dated 06.10.2011

Brief Facts about the University of Management “TISBI”:

  • creative thinking faculty and talented staff comprise a dedicated team committed to the mission of the University;
  • high quality of an academic process;
  • students’ R&D society
  • The International UNESCO Chair;
  • a system of continuous education (school – college – university - post-graduate courses -  Institute of continuous education for adults);
    post-graduate education;
  • Dissertation Council for PhD in Economics;
  • Modern library, which totals over 200,000 copies of literature: educational and methodical;
  • Information Technology Center, which aims at maintaining inter-university corporate network established on the basis of twenty high-performance servers, the development of its own software products;
  • Social and Psychological Service;
  • Publishing center;
  • modern educational building at the center of the city;
  • well-equipped lecture halls, computer rooms;
  • Assembly hall with 350 seats;
  • Gyms and fitness facilities;
  • Students’ cafe/


    Multiple achievements of “TISBI” in the past 20 years testify to its constant strive for further development. In 2005 TISBI, formerly Tatarstan Institute for the Promotion of Business (hence, Russian abbreviation TISBI) has become the only non-state institution of higher education to acquire the status of a University. As a result of highly professional performance of the teaching staff “TISBI” was the second best institution among non-state universities in Russia in 2005 (rating, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, 2005) and is continuously among the top hundred best institutions of Russia. A number of other rewards also testify to “TISBI” excellence.

    Cегодня Университет управления «ТИСБИ» – это богатая материально-техническая база и стабильный профессорско-преподавательский состав, два собственных учебных корпуса в центре Казани, оборудованных мультимедийной техникой и обширной информационной базой. Важный вклад в становление Университета как центра образования и науки внес научно-педагогический состав, представленный штатными преподавателями, из которых более 75% имеют ученые степени кандидата и доктора наук, в том числе 15% являются докторами наук.

    From the early days of its existence «TISBI» had based its work on the principles of high quality of training, which contributed to strengthening the position of the University and gaining applicants. In 2012 “TISBI” received a government order for training of Bachelors and Masters on a budgetary basis. Many high school graduates not only in Tatarstan, but also from the neighboring countries and areas of the Volga Federal Region have purposefully chosen the University of Management “TISBI”. Today over 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students in various forms of education: full-time, part-time and part-time classic with the use of distance learning technology get higher education at the University. For two decades the University has trained more than 18,000 specialists in Economics, Management, Humanities, Engineering, Service industry, Tourism and Hospitality industry, Pedagogics.

    International cooperation

“TISBI” partners with institutions in Europe, the U.S. and neighboring countries on innovative initiatives with local benefits and replicable outcomes for universities everywhere. In the last five years the University has signed 18 new cooperation agreements with educational centers in the USA, the Netherlands, China, Germany, etc.

For several years programs of academic exchange with China, Turkey and other countries have been successfully working. In cooperation with major international corporations our students undertake internships abroad, thus enhancing their competitiveness in the labor market.

“TISBI” students are regularly involved in significant international projects and events, which Kazan is famous today of (such as the Universiade in 2013, Kazansummit, APEC, etc.), as tourist guides and interpreters. This attention to “TISBI” is well recognized - the University carries out advanced study of several foreign languages throughout the whole process of training.

Foreign experts regularly hold training courses and workshops for post-graduate students, lecturers and faculty staff.


    UNESCO line activities

The University of Management "TISBI" is the only higher educational institution in Russia, where two UNESCO institutes: International UNESCO Chair and UNESCO Associated school (on the basis of the Faculty of Secondary Professional Education) are successfully functioning. “TISBI” Rector is the National UNESCO ASPnet Coordinator (“UNESCO Associated Schools” project) in the Russian Federation. UNESCO Chair at the University of Management “TISBI” being a member of the UNITWIN program is one of the best Chairs of the kind in Russia.

Among the long-term educational projects of the UNESCO Chair such projects as "UNESCO Teacher", "Adult Education", "Inclusive education for persons with disabilities", "Protection and study of cultural, historical and natural heritage of the Republic of Tatarstan”, activities in "Associated UNESCO Schools” and "UNESCO and youth" can be identified.

UNESCO Chair at "TISBI" regularly organizes international conferences, seminars, round-table discussions on the improvement of the quality of education by integrating a culture of innovation and best practices of using ICT in the learning process. An innovative form of cooperation of UNESCO Chairs and UNESCO Associated Schools in Russia act as a part of the idea of inclusive education. A practical example is the all-Russian inclusive summer session "Preserving the heritage" in the town of Bolgar  for UNESCO ASPnet students and students with disabilities.


    Working relationships with employers: in the process of studies a student already specifies his or her future place of work


    A Recruitment agency that provides a link between graduates and employers works to the best advantage at the University of Management "TISBI". It organizes a number of activities aimed at effective employment. Annual monitoring shows a high percentage of employment of graduates according to their diplomas. In 2011, for example, 92% of the graduates with a law degree were employed, 67% had jobs according to their specialization.



    Work with the disabled: inclusive education and accessible environment

    “TISBI” is the only higher educational establishment in the region, which carries out the work targeted on people with disabilities. For more than 15 years the University of Management “TISBI” provides training to all categories of disabled people free of charge. During this period more than 500 people with disabilities received training and professional education.


    The University of Management “TISBI” is “The Federal experimental platform for the development of education and social support for children with special needs, leveling of access to education for persons with disabilities”. Extensive work on the development of ideas of inclusive education with the aim to involve disabled students into the creative and social life, improve their spiritual and moral level is carried out.


    The University is actively pursuing and developing vocational educational programs for deaf and hard of hearing students. The distance learning technology in the higher school programs for the deaf has been recognized as a unique one. Since 2005 the Academy of Management “TISBI” has been the member of «PEN-International», the international vocational education project for deaf people. Today “TISBI” is the only sign language center in the Republic of Tatarstan for the deaf and hard of hearing.


    Student life: ethical, aesthetic and physical education

    Initially, student-oriented pedagogics and improvement of educational role of education were important conditions for high quality of training in universities. Over time, ethical and aesthetic education has become such competitive advantage, through which a “TISBI graduate grows not only into an excellent specialist, but also into an intelligent man with a high moral code.

The University of Management "TISBI" is the first institution of higher education, which acclaimed itself as the territory of a healthy lifestyle and since 1995 - a smoke-free zone. For several years the University teams take first places in annual sports events for university students in Tatarstan.

The development of the creative potential of the students put the University of Management “TISBI” among the leaders of student life in Tatarstan. For many years the University has consistently ranked first in the gala concert of interuniversity festival “Student Spring”. “TISBI” on-stage performance groups are well-known not only in Tatarstan, but n the whole country.


    Significant awards and achievements in 2010-2012

  • “TISBI” is the prize winner of the contest “100 top universities and research institutes of Russia-2010, -2011, -2012” (nine-time winner since 2003).
  • The University entered into “Reliable reputation”, the Federal register.
  • The award winner of the Inter-regional competition “The best university of the Volga Federal Region – 2011”.
  • The award winner of the All-Russian contest "The best training centers of Russia - 2011".
  • The award winner in the project "The best educational program of Innovative Russia - 2012" (Economics, Taxes and taxation specialization).
  • The Rector N. Pruss is awarded the Order of Friendship, has the title of "The Rector of the Year-2010, -2011, -2012”.
  • Charity Foundation “Mercy in Education” of the University of Management “TISBI” becomes the award winner of the competition "Benefactor 2010.
  • The University of Management "TISBI” is included in the Book of Honor of Kazan for a significant contribution to the training of skilled professionals and active charity activity.


Университет управления «ТИСБИ» Адрес: ул.Муштари, 13 (или ул.Маяковского, 22), Казань, Республика Татарстан. Телефон: (843) 236-92-97, (843) 299-51-07. .